Why Absorbent Glass Mat batteries are best for boats

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Why Absorbent Glass Mat batteries are best for boats

Of the four basic types of modern batteries (flooded or wet cell, Absorbed Glass Mat, lithium, and gel) designed for marine vessels, Absorbed Glass Mat or AGM batteries are considered the best options for marine vessels for several reasons.

AGM batteries are best known for having a long lifespan, being spill-proof and leak-proof, requiring no maintenance, and having a slow passive discharging rate. These traits combine best for situations that require deep cycling or engine starting capabilities.

Best for Casual Boaters

With their ability to hold a charge longer than gel and wet cell batteries, AGM batteries are particularly helpful for marine vessels that aren’t used every day but which still need to start reliably. At the same time, AGM batteries are much more cycle-resistant than flooded batteries, meaning they can be fully discharged repeatedly without taking damage. Boats often rely on batteries quite a bit to run lights and accessories, so having a battery capable of steady cycling is a real advantage.

Unlike flood batteries, AGM batteries do not require the owner to constantly check electrolyte levels and provide distilled water to ensure continued operation. The lack of ongoing maintenance required by AGM batteries makes them especially favored for boaters with other cares to attend to.

Best for Rough Conditions

Boats that encounter rough seas gain added benefits from using AGM batteries. With no flooding required, they are completely leak-proof. Knowing that you’ll never risk a battery acid leak when you’re on a boat can be an added level of comfort. Additionally, AGM batteries are designed to resist vibration, making them ideal for choppy waves.

The steady reliability of AGM batteries – including in extremely low temperatures – have made them mainstays in marine trolling motors and electronics. Outside of marine purposes, AGM batteries are typically chosen for off-grid systems that need to start as soon as they are needed.

Boaters who choose AGM batteries and take steps to fully recharge them soon after they have cycled can expect to get up to 11 years of fully-functional service from them. Check out Lifeline’s selection of quality AGM batteries for marine vessels to find your next battery today.


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