Top signs your boat needs a new battery

///Top signs your boat needs a new battery

Top signs your boat needs a new battery

Should your battery need charging more than usual or you believe your boat is not running as efficiently as possible, you may need to consider getting a new battery for your boat. If you are unsure whether or not it’s time to look for new marine batteries, follow the guide below.

1. Check your battery case

Check the exterior case of your battery and look for any cracks or irregularities. If the exterior case of your battery is beginning to show signs of wear, it may be time for you to consider a new battery. If there is excessive cracking around the case it may be that your battery charger is overcharging your battery and has potentially compromised its quality.

2. Look for corrosion

Carefully analyze all the terminals from your battery, if there is any sign of corrosion or if debris has built up around your battery terminal, you should clean it carefully with a wire brush. If, after cleaning, the terminals still appear to be warped or eroded, this could be a good indicator you require a new marine battery.

3. Check the voltage

Although it varies between batteries, when a battery is fully charged it should have a voltage between 12-13, depending on the size of the battery. If you check the voltage of the battery and if it reads 0, the battery has short-circuited or is dead.

4. Time your battery

If your battery is losing power more frequently than usual or is not charging as quickly as normal, this is a common sign that something is wrong with your battery and you may require a new one. If this is the case, it is essential you look for a replacement battery as soon as possible to prevent your battery from dying or burning out whilst in use.

5. Ask an expert

If you are in doubt about the condition of your battery and whether or not you need a new one, do not hesitate to contact an expert marine battery supplier, such as Lifeline Batteries.

Lifeline Batteries make high-quality AGM batteries for boats, and a member of our expert team would be more than happy to discuss the current condition of your battery with you.


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