Struggling to start your RV? 5 signs your battery is dying

///Struggling to start your RV? 5 signs your battery is dying
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Struggling to start your RV? 5 signs your battery is dying

Your RV battery is literally the lifeblood of your vehicle. Besides starting your engine, the battery also powers all electrical components in your RV, making it an integral component. However, there are instances when you may not have a fully functioning battery. Here are five crucial signs your RV battery is dying:

1. Slow engine crank

If you notice that your RV engine is cranking more slowly than usual, it’s likely that your battery is dying. This is because the engine pulls amperage from the battery every time it starts. However, other reasons for a slow engine crank include a poor connection in the starting circuit or a drained battery, so it’s important to get your RV checked as soon as possible.

2. Dim headlights

A failing RV battery won’t be able to fully power your car’s electrical components, including the headlights. If you check or use your headlights regularly, you’re more likely to notice when they appear dimmer and weaker than usual.

3. Problems with electrical components

RVs have many electrical components, including dashboard lights, windshield wipers, the radio, and more. All of these require electricity from the battery to function. If they start to act up, have your battery checked.

4. Clicking sound when turning your key

This is also another clear sign that your RV battery is failing. The rapid clicking sound your engine creates when turning the key suggests that the battery doesn’t have enough power to crank the engine.

In some cases, your RV will require several attempts before starting or it won’t start at all. This is a definite sign that your RV battery is almost or entirely dead.

5. The battery is old

A typical AGM battery should last about seven years with proper maintenance. However, its lifespan can vary depending on other factors like exposure to extreme temperatures and your driving habits. Eventually, even the best RV batteries become less effective over time.

Bottom line

A dying car battery may not look like an urgent safety issue, but it can be inconvenient. Contact Lifeline for more information on AGM batteries for your RV.


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