6 tips to extend your AGM battery’s life

///6 tips to extend your AGM battery’s life
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6 tips to extend your AGM battery’s life

While most AGM batteries last about three to five years, there are some tips and tricks to extend their life. This will help you reach your battery’s full lifespan.

1. Charge your battery regularly

It’s critically important to charge your battery as often as possible. This will maintain your battery’s life and ensure it stays alive for at least five years. However, it is important to not overcharge your battery. Instead, find the perfect balance and make sure you are charging it at the correct voltage. This will greatly improve the life of your RV battery or marine battery.

2. Use smart chargers

Using a smart charger can significantly increase your battery’s life by charging it quickly and efficiently. If you’re in the market for a smart charger, try to find one with auto-voltage detection to ensure you are charging at the correct voltage. Also, utilize your smart charger’s safety timer to avoid overcharging.

3. Use temperature-compensated charging

All charging sources should use temperature-compensated charging, which will greatly improve your battery’s life. By adjusting the temperature, you will be able to charge the battery in warm and cold weather year-round. Many new smart-chargers have an internal temperature sensor while others have remote temperature sensors to adjust for the climate.

4. Use the correct float voltages

To ensure your AGM battery doesn’t die over time, it is paramount you are using the correct float voltages. Try to avoid chargers with dip switches. When programming with dip switches, they often lack the correct voltage and can cause serious long term damage to your battery.

5. Use an alternator temperature sensor

Using an alternator temperature sensor when possible in conjunction with an external regulator will help fight the demand alternators receive from an AGM battery. This high demand on the alternator can shorten the life of the battery or cause it to fail completely.

6. Minimize voltage drop

Remember to minimize the voltage drop in your system’s wiring. This will ensure the best charging performance — even if it’s a small drop. Incorrect voltage sensing will hurt your battery’s life and slows down the charging time.

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