3 Tips That Will Increase Your AGM Battery Lifespan

///3 Tips That Will Increase Your AGM Battery Lifespan
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3 Tips That Will Increase Your AGM Battery Lifespan

Racing car, RV and even boat owners are all switching to AGM batteries due to their many advantages over their flooded battery counterparts. One of these advantages is the durability of AGM batteries, which do not require constant charging. However, how you charge your AGM battery will also play an important role in determining its lifespan.

1. Use factory-recommended chargers

AGM batteries are charger-specific. What this means is that each type of AGM battery has its own recommended chargers that have the sufficient voltage to charge them. Regrettably, using the wrong charger may result in short circuit of the battery. A big AGM battery will definitely require a big charger that will be able to match its capacity. The capacity for these AGM batteries and chargers is normally annotated in amperes. You can therefore know which the ideal charger for your AGM battery is by simply checking the recommended amperes on the battery.

2. Never partially charge AGM batteries

When it comes to devices like smartphones and laptops, partial charge does not necessarily damage the batteries. This is because they use lithium batteries. In the case of AGM batteries, lead acid is what is used, and it reacts in a different way when partially charged. All Absorbent Glass Mat batteries have to be fully charged to 100% percent in order to maintain their capacity. When you partially charge AGM batteries, they with time lose their capability to charge to full capacity. If you constantly charge your AGM battery to only 60% for instance, it may eventually fail to charge past 60%. This, in turn, reduces the lifespan of the battery.

3. Charge them in the right temperatures

Lead acid batteries can get damaged if you charge them in temperatures below 0° and above 40°. AGM batteries use lead acid, therefore, you should avoid charging them when it is too cold or too hot. Preferably, charge the batteries when the temperature range is between 0° to 40° Celsius to increase their lifespan.

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