What Are The Advantages Of An AGM Battery For Race Cars?

////What Are The Advantages Of An AGM Battery For Race Cars?

What Are The Advantages Of An AGM Battery For Race Cars?

Here in the US, racing is in abundance at all levels; whether it be professional or amateur, you’re sure to have come across racing in one walk of life or another. If you’re one of the enthusiasts that own a race car, then you need to be aware of the upkeep it requires. One of the most important elements of said upkeep is the battery as, without it, the car won’t start. And there’s no fun with that!

Read on to discover the advantages of using an AGM battery for your race car, including what it is and what it can do for your car in the long run.

What is an AGM battery?

An absorbed glass mat (AGM) battery is a lead-acid battery that is often seen as superior to other batteries. It is particularly apt at providing a superior level of power to both vehicles and stop-start applications. They are especially effective at powering race cars, due to their ability to process high electrical demands with consistency and reliability.

What are some of the advantages of an AGM battery?

There are many advantages that using an AGM battery can bring. Here are the main ones:

– Low levels of internal resistance
– A charge time that is up to 5x faster
– Higher resistance against cold temperatures
– Resistance against vibration
– A better life cycle compared to other types

How do these advantages pay off for race cars?

Let’s break down a few of the advantages and see how they fare against the high-adrenaline, high-demanding racing lifestyle.

Resistance against vibration

The US boasts racetracks set on all types of terrain, be it smooth tarmac, dirt tracks, or even sand. Because of this, your race car is likely to experience vibration, which could damage car parts or the battery. However, the AGM battery is resistant to vibration, seeing a longer lifespan and improved durability.

Higher resistance against cold temperatures

Specifically, cold temperatures aren’t isolated in relation to this point. What’s more, while the race car is in use, it’s going to reach extremely high temperatures. The AGM battery’s resistance against cold temperatures will protect against damage or wear of the battery while it is cooling down afterwards.

A better life cycle compared to other types

There surely is nothing more frustrating than having to retire from a race because of a dead or dying battery. Because the AGM boasts a better lifespan than other types, it can keep going for longer, meaning your race car will run better for longer periods of time.

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Photo: car race by mikegreen1985 licensed under Creative Commons 4.0

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