Lifeline Battery MSDS

ISO9001:2000 + AS9100B

DOT Transportation Information

Marine & RV Battery Transportation Information
Concorde Battery Corporation’s Concorde, Chairman, Lifeline, Reliant, and Sun Xtender Series batteries are manufactured utilizing Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology. The batteries are sealed with the electrolyte absorbed in the fiberglass mat separator material.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) regulatory requirements affecting the packaging and transportation of all batteries containing acid […]

Tech Bulletin: GPL Acid Volume

Internal Resistance Standards

Lifeline Technical Manual

Lifeline Battery Limited Warranty

Marine & RV application
12 Free Replacement Months
60 Pro-rate Months

Electric Vehicles
3 Free Replacement Months
6 Pro-rate Months

All Electric Machinery
0 Free Replacement Months
3 Pro-rate Months

Electric Boats
3 Free Replacement Months
6 Pro-rate Months

All other Applications
3 Free Replacement Months
9 Pro-rate Months

Should the battery become defective due to a manufacturers defect (not merely discharged) within the free replacement period the battery will […]

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